Hello! Well if you are on this page, then you have made a great, conscious, choice to schedule an appointment with yourself and DY Phoenix Photography! This is the first step to achieve great pictures. Below are the types of photography that we do,  feel free to scroll down to the bottom and send us your information so we can schedule something for you today.

  •  Automobile Photography

    From one car lover to another, sometimes we would like to have some great images of that smooth looking vehicle. Whether it has 4 wheels or 2 wheels it does not matter, what matters is that you have that best angled picture of your vehicle that will have others staring and saying “WOW!” Come talk to us today about scheduling a time to get some great images of your ride!

  • Children Photography

    Is it that time a year where we celebrate the wonderful birthday of your child? Is there an important event happening that your child just looks too cute for you to miss a great photo op by accidentally using the wrong settings on your point and shoot camera? Why not let the professionals take care of the work for you and you sit back and relax. Let us take that wonderful birthday picture, quinceanera picture, prom picture, and more! Contact us and get something scheduled today!

  • Couples Photography

    Have you been dating someone special for awhile now? Are you making wonderful memories together? Well why not freeze some of those wonderful memories in a beautiful image! Sometimes that lovely selfie just won’t get the job done so that is where we come in. Come and talk to us about getting some beautiful couple’s pictures taken. We will be more than glad to freeze those heart warming moments that will bring smiles to you and your special other for years to come.

  • Glamour & Boudoir Photography

    There is no better way to display how empowering, confident, sexy, and strong you are, while always staying 100% classy, than a Glamour or Boudoir session. There are many reasons why to do it which a couple examples could be from celebrating weight loss, celebrating being single, celebrating being a woman, celebrating coming out of a bad relationship and becoming confident and yourself again. Or you are a bride to be and you want to give your husband something special that will be his. Maybe you want to capture your beautiful young body. There are many different reasons why you should do this session, the real question is why haven’t you booked yours yet? Schedule your session today!

  • Maternity Photography

    Are you ready to experiences one of life’s miracles? Do you want to be able to save that beautiful motherly glow that comes with being pregnant? We can help you with freezing this time in a beautiful image so you are able to look back at for years to come because lets be honest, this is an important moment in your life. Why not capture important moments like this. Contact us about getting some maternity pictures taken.

  • Portfolio Photography

    Are you an aspiring model and need your portfolio updated? Need some images for your compcard? Talk to us about our portfolio photography work for models looking to get back in the flow or new models looking for some new and interesting pictures to get yourself notice by advertising companies and modeling agencies.

  • Portrait Photography

    Are you a model and are looking for some head shots to be taken? Are you in a pageant and  need something new and fresh to get yourself noticed? Are you looking for senior pictures to be taken? Portraits are something that anyone and everyone could benefit from. Whether if it is for yourself or for work or school, we can definitely help to get those images taken so you are more than pleased.

  • Profile Photography

    Do you need a new profile picture for LinkedIn or CraigsList? Is your FaceBook , YouTube, or Blog Avatar out of date? Are you at a point in your life where you are searching for that special someone and you feel that a selfie just won’t cut it as a Match, eHarmony, Zoosk, or Plenty Of Fish (POF) profile image? Well we are here to help you with this! It’s time to come talk to us to get those profile images updated with something that stands out from the rest so you get noticed first! These images will be professionally taken and edited appropriately so you will have the best possible chance to be noticed as you should be!

  • Special Event Photography

    Everyone remembers what happened at the last party but maybe you want something constructive that you can look at over and over again. Maybe you need someone to take some pictures of you while you are in a play, dance, or party. Do you need help to get your services or products out there for people to see and then contact you about it? Special Events is a broad term but it goes a long way. Parties, Products, Services, Clubs, etc anything you are looking for we are able to get the right images to help you out in your moment of need. (Wedding Photography currently is not included)


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