Preparing For Your Boudoir / Glamour Shoot

Posted on Feb 28, 2015

How Should I Prepare For My Boudoir / Glamour Shoot?

This is an excellent question that I’m sure many would ask. Below, I am going to list a 11 ways that I would recommend on how to prepare for these types of  shoots.

  1. Eyebrows & Nails – Get a nice relaxing manicure//pedicure and wax/tweeze those eyebrows before the date.
  2. Constriction – The day before and of your boudoir shoot, try not to wear any tight outfits that will leave any marks on your skin. I would also recommend wearing loose fitting outfits to the shoot itself, then you can change into your tighter outfits. This will make sure that you won’t have any red lines or marks.
  3. Eyelashes – Get some nice falsies so you can wear during the shoot. Nothing makes those eyes pop more than a gorgeous look.
  4. Hair & Make Up – If you are having your hair and make up done by someone else, make sure it is done well before the shoot with significant amount of time so you can make your appointment on time. (We all remember the old saying; you are on time 15 minutes early and you are late if you are on time.)
  5. Wardrobe – Make sure to pick something that shows you. Also, don’t forget a girls best friend; your heels! Pick a couple pair of gorgeous heels that go with your wardrobe. Remember, sexy and beauty does not necessarily mean less clothes and more skin. Some ideas could be:

    * Sexy costume
    * Gorgeous bra and panty combination
    * Significant other’s dress shirt, t-shirt, hoody with cute panties
    * White bed sheet that you are wrapped around
    * Elegant corset (or teddy gown) and panties
    * Sports jersey and panty combination
    * Casual jeans and topless (for this wardrobe arms would be used to cover up or laying on stomach.)

  6. Insecurities – everyone has them but we can work through that. It’s recommended to try on your outfits of choice before the date, double check that this is something you would like to see. Try to wear something that will disguise or hide any insecurities.
  7. Props – Bring some jewelry, a scarf, or anything else. We all fidget every now and then. Also, there isn’t a better way to have your images “pop” than a nice little prop that shows your personality or to bring our your eyes.
  8. Food – Do not starve yourself! Starvation is not beauty. Before the shoot, it is recommended to have a light meal. Nothing over the top but enough to keep you going. i would recommend eating something healthy and filling, nothing greasy.
  9. Skin – Shave the day before your shoot so there is little time before any new hair growth. If you wax, you want to do this a week before the shoot date. Moisturizing is also recommended. Smooth skin will make a gorgeous image.
  10. Hydration – Water Water Water. I cannot say this enough. Days coming up to the shoot, stay hydrated. It’s good for you and also your skin and eyes. Along with staying hydrated, I am going to throw in sleep! Sleep is very important and keeps those nasty dark circles away. Try to get  2 solid nights of sleep before the shoot.
  11. Relax – Sometimes a boudoir shoot can be a little nerve wrecking, especially if you have never done one before which is normal. But the best shoots coming when you are yourself, nice and relaxed. My experience, a person’s personality come out best this way.

Remember, this is an investment. If you have never done anything like this before or if you have; it is an investment. There are many reasons why you should do a boudoir shoot which I touched upon in a previous post but no matter what, the reason should always be for you. This is something you can look back at and look at the images and smile. This is something that you and your significant other can enjoy together.

Do not be afraid to open up and don’t be afraid to have fun. When shooting with DY Phoenix Photography, we never go beyond what you are comfortable with but at the same time we recommend to not be afraid to come out of your shy bubble and show a side that your significant other and yourself would love to see.

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