Miranda & Matt

Posted on Jul 4, 2015

I wanted to do something for these two wonderful people. I wasn’t sure what to do until I went to meet everyone who was there for them. So many people showed up to show their respects to Miranda & Matt after a tragic accident.

So the least I could do was take some pictures and make a video that would remind us of them. Motorcyclist know what they do is dangerous but we do it because it allows us to be free. While being free we grow into a bigger family of people who share the same feelings and love of this sport. It is AMAZING how many people Miranda & Matt touched directly and indirectly and how many people showed up for this.

God brought two great people back home but I am sure while they are up there… they are dragging knees in the clouds Riding In Paradise.


…My heart goes out to their friends and family and all else who they have touched.


Feel free to take a look at their images and video:

Images Part 1

Images Part 2

Memorial Video

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